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Escorts’ arsenal of seduction

Escorts are not just some hot, beautiful women who sell their free time and their bodies. They are highly-experienced ladies in the art of seduction. Their arsenal of erotic skills and sensual manipulations is endless. Meeting a model feels different than a date with a regular girl. Many men admit to having unique experiences when dating paid companions.

You have to go out with a sexy girl that practices this profession in order to discover her true nature. However, if you are not ready for this experience, here are some inside secrets of escorts that will give you an idea about what you are missing out on:

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Escorts’ favorite way to attract men

In order to seduce men, escorts make good use of male pattern psychology. They know that guys are easier to manipulate when they feel powerful and attractive. Through subtle flirtation they make men develop an oversized ego, which quickly crumbles if the woman loses interest. In order to keep that fire burning, these guys are willing to do anything for the sexy woman they have just met. This is why most of them become insanely generous with their money when it comes to paid companions.

Seduction through body massage

After verbal flirtation and gesture manipulation have brought their contribution, escorts move to the next powerful weapon in their arsenal of seduction: physical touch. Many times, they have men completely charmed before any sexual contact even takes place. In fact, they only need to perform a short body massage to arouse their clients and completely subdue them in their ensnarement.


A temptation you cannot refuse

Once you have tasted the sweet seduction of an escort it is hard to go back to regular girls. Many men become addicted to the services offered by their paid companions and return to their arms again and again. And who can blame them? What man would refuse the exciting company of a sexy, beautiful woman whose methods of satisfaction are priceless?